Our Story

Our building in Italy with the Bolognese hills behind it along with our logo in white overlapping the image.

A Brand with a Story to Tell

Surrounded by the Bolognese Hills, in the heart of Emilia-Romagna, gently nestled in the town of Varignana, Palazzo di Varignana Resort is committed to tradition, territory, excellence, and health.
We are dedicated to unearthing the traditions and centuries of history of our territory. We honor our local history through the rescue of rare native cultivars from Emilia-Romagna - Ghiacciola, Correggiolo and Nostrana di Brisighella - in the confection of our award-winning collection of extra virgin olive oils.
mosaic design from years ago straight from Palazzo di Varignana

Mosaics of Claterna

Our olive oil labels carry the design of the beautiful 2nd century A.D. mosaics of Claterna, the once forgotten ancient roman city near our resort. Our award-winning ghiacciola monocultivar extra virgin olive oil is named after the city of Claterna

green olives on a olive tree branch with a hand reaching out to hold them

Noble Oils

Around 1700, Europe was hit by intense cold, what historians call "The Little Ice Age", which struck the Varignana hills olive trees that consequently were gradually abandoned and the olive oil production in the area was forgotten. Historically, Varignana was known for producing a noble oil. History was right!

Palazzo di Varignana's founder Carlo Gherardi in a suit in front of the buildings

Carlo Gherardi 

The inspiration to the revival of the 18th century olive cultivation tradition in our territory was born from the heart of Palazzo di Varignana's founder, Carlo Gherardi who is pictured above, who has always been passionate for the olive trees and the history of 
Claterna. His long cherished passion gave birth to the Palazzo di Varignana food project launched in 2017 with the first production of extra virgin olive oil.

Palazzo di Varignana project continues its own course with respect for sustainability and use of biological cultural techniques in harmony with the beauty of the territory. Today, 200 acres of new native olive groves are growing in the Varignana hills surrounding our resort and giving life to an elegant extra virgin olive oil that is internationally awarded for its purity, intensity and complexity of aromas.


pouring the extra virgin olive oil on a dish of meat to eat 




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