A collection of extra virgin olive oil that is revived every year and has received the most important national and international awards over time. A multi-awarded olive oil for its quality and taste obtained from the harvest of green olives.

Numerous competitions are held with the best evo oil producers, inlcuding:

Gambero Rosso, Gold Award New York Olive Oil Competition, Gold Prize Japanes Olive oil Prize, MIOOA, Bibenda, DUBAIOOC Gold, Canada IOOC, Silver Award OOI Olanda, AIRO, Slow Food.

Every year, we strive to achieve awards every year that are worthy of this important food.

Awards 2023

  • NYIOOC Gold Award
  • JOOP Silver & Gold Award
  • Silver Award OOI Olanda
  • DUBAIOOC Gold Award 


The NYIOOC World Olive Oil Competition is the largest and most prestigious olive oil quality contest. Its annual list of award winners is the authoritative guide to the world’s best olive oils and the dedicated producers who craft them.


Japan Olive Oil Prize is an international contest based in Tokyo, Japan that aims at promoting quality extra-virgin olive oils of all origins. Since its establishment in 2013, JOOP has been strongly committed to helping producers of high-quality EVOO get exposed to potential commercial partners in Japan, while at the same time educating Japanese consumers on how to choose a product of quality versus a commercial product. We are proud that JOOP has grown to be recognized as the most professional EVOO competition in Japan, which is the leading country in Asia for the consumption of EVOO.


Attending the CIOOC affords you the opportunity to expand your network with other Olive oil leaders. When your company strives to win, it means you are striving to be the best. Any company nominated for an award gets free promotion and increased brand awareness, once the awards organization releases the finalists. It puts your company on the radar of many people who may not have heard of your brand.

Dubai Olive Oil Competition (DUBAIOOC)

The competition's mission to discover, reference, promote and market the world's best olive oils has been a resounding success. In less than three years, the world's best juries have awarded more than 900 producers with a gold medal, and all these producers have been listed on our websites.