EVO chocolate

Within the Palazzo di Varignana estate, land not naturally suited to olive growing has been used for other crop production. The enhancement of the environment has led to the production of quality and traditional food products of the region. The fruits of this region, in addition to representing the basis of the cuisine offered in the Resort, have given rise to a line of products such as jams, saffron pistils, artisanal honey and spreadable cocoa cream with evo oil.

All products are native and km0, healthy and natural, and are the result of innovative cultivation techniques, but skilfully combined with artisanal experience. Artisan jams: the fruit, grown and harvested on the farms in the Varignana hills, is carefully selected and processed by hand within 24 hours in a small artisan workshop in Romagna. Saffron selection: 400 square metres of saffron, a spice obtained from the stigmas of the Crocus sativus flower, are grown in the Rio Rosso garden garden. The line of autochthonous products is also joined by a selection of proposals of excellence, chosen for their tradition and high quality: a refined line of teas, a careful selection of fine Italian artisan chocolate and a new line of local artisan honey, a variety of flavours representing the richness of the territory of origin and the art of agriculture.


Cocoa cream
200 gr cocoa cream with hazelnuts and olive oil


Our handmade chocolates are produced in collaboration with major Italian companies praising a long tradition in the field, offering delicious recipes and combinations for the most refined palates.

We have selected an excellent spreadable cocoa cream and PGI hazelnuts from Piedmont together with our olive oil EVO.

Refined packages in warm colours keeping these sweet, tiny treasures to give on special occasions, share with friends or enjoy alone.

  •  Ingredients: PGI hazelnut paste (36.8%), sugar, low fat cocoa powder (9.2%), low fat milk powder, extra virgin olive oil (7.7%), emulsifier: soy lecithin, natural vanilla flavour. May contain traces of other nuts
  • Allergens: Hazelnut, milk, soy lecithin, May contain traces of other nuts