Extra Virgin Olive Oil Collection 2023/2024 is here!

Palazzo di Varignana renews each year its collection of top-quality extra virgin olive oils produced by its own Agrivar farms, with characteristic scents and a strong personality.

The five extra virgin olive oils resulting from the 2023/2024 oil campaign are the three Monocultivar Claterna, obtained from the Ghiacciola cultivar alone, Vargnano from the Nostrana cultivar alone and Stiffonte from the Correggiolo cultivar alone, and two blends - Blu and Verde, the result of the fine selection of several cultivars. Thus are born products of excellence characterized by aromatic, taste, and nutrition balance obtained from an integrated km0 production chain that tells a love story with nature. The milling of the olives, within 6 hours of harvest, gives oil of great complexity, with an excellent aromatic and taste balance and very low acidity. A collection of extra virgin olive oils that is renewed every year and has received the most important international awards over time.

The mission of Palazzo di Varignana is to produce food of quality, km0 Italian oils, and wines that tell the story of the strength, identity, and characteristics of the Italian territory.

Palazzo di Varignana is preparing to define its approach to the world of oil and wine with a corollary of events around its winery, designed to nurture and popularize the relationship between oil, wine, and the natural context in which it is produced. A rich program of sensory tastings has been built to encourage the enjoyment of new wines immersed in the Varignana landscape. The "Experiences in the Winery" where tastings are accompanied by a menu of platters of fine cheeses and sliced meats from the area, designed to enhance the relationship between table and spirit and enjoy the Varignana area in the company.