Our Oil

 Person holding green extra virgin olive oil tasting cup with Palazzo di Varignana logo in the palm of their hand with a background of different extra virgin olive oils

We started growing olives at the Varignana hills in 2017. Currently, we cultivate 200 acres of olive groves at Palazzo di Varignana. We focus on rescuing and cultivating Emilia-Romagna historical olive cultivars - Ghiacciola, Nostrana di Brisighella and Correggiolo.     


Person sifting their hand through freshly picked brown and green olives

The olive harvest at Palazzo di Varignana takes place slightly earlier than optimal ripening period. This choice, although at the expense of the olive oil yield, allows us to produce olive oils rich in polyphenols which are antioxidants naturally contained in olives. Our olive oils elegantly reflect in their aroma profile characteristics of perfumes and freshness typical of green olives. 
Most of our olives are mechanically picked (Vargnano and Blend Blu are hand-picked) and pressed at very low temperatures (around 24 C) in a maximum of 12 hours after harvest in order to guarantee perfect ripening and ideal acidity to preserve its aromatic profile and healthy properties.
In 2018 our olive groves agricultural practices have been converted to organic. We will become organically certified in 2022 when we will conclude the construction of our own mill.


Farm workers tending to the olive oil trees

The hills of Bologna in the sunset near the resort with olive oil trees in the foreground

Extra virgin olive oil being poured into a large pot

                                         One of the extra virgin olive oil blends next to an olive branch, tomatoes, and a bowl with oil                    
Why is our EVOO unique?
Love and respect for the history and our land led us to choose the most representative historical cultivars that are most suited to our climate and territory. Care and attention to detail in each phase of our olive oil production -cultivation to bottling - is our objective and what makes our oil so special.


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