Wine Project


The story of the Agrivar winery's oenological project in Palazzo di Varignana took its first steps in 2016 with the planting of some native and other international vines for an initial production of four types of wine, white wine and red wine: Villa Amagioia Blanc de Noirs Metodo Classico Brut, Chardonnay Colli di Imola, Sangiovese Superiore Doc and Pinot Nero.

The contamination of native and international vines generates an extraordinary value to our vines and wines. The population of such diverse vines dedicated in distinct plots generates our Valley of Miracles. The microclimatic conditions, the Mediterranean influences offset by a continental terrain, the north-south orientation of the valley and the east-west orientation of the vines are the perfect combination to give sun and warmth to the vineyards and to generate excellent wines.

The mission of Agrivar di Palazzo di Varignana is to produce quality Italian wines that convey the strength, identity and characteristics of the Italian territory. The estate and the cellar from which the wines are sourced are located on the very special Varignana hills, a few kilometres from Bologna, delivering characteristic aromas, flavours and nuances.

For production, we make use of the most modern technologies, so as to guarantee the preservation of the genuineness and organoleptic properties of the wines. The barrique cellar, under its imposing red brick vaults, houses the French oak barrels in which the young wines rest and refine in order to reach the right degree of maturity and become the best expression of the terroir and the vines that generated it.

All these particularities: a reasoned and non-fractionated supply chain, multi-ethnicity, the uniqueness of the soils and state-of-the-art technology represent the distinctive requirements that make the Agrivar winery and the work of the people who transform the product excellent, because making wine is a cultural approach.

The very essence of Palazzo diVarignana is expressed through the Villa Amagioia Metodo Classico Blanc de Noirs. An expression of refinement and richness. Using modern winemaking and sparkling wine production techniques, this Pinot Noir perfectly expresses the full potential of this terroir.

Grapes: Pinot Noir from the eastern slope.
Soil: Blue clay mix.
Vinificaion: Manual harvesting in crates, cooling of grapes, direct pressing of
whole grapes, must fractionation and temperature-controlled fermentation. The second fermentation in the spring of the year following the harvest takes place in the bottle in a temperature-controlled environment. Disgorgement occurs after at least 30 months of lees aging.
Tasting notes: Golden yellow color with rose gold hues; fine and dense perlage. Citrus notes with the aroma of white flowers. Full on the palate with pleasant fruity notes accompanied by a salinity that runs throughout the length of the taste. Fresh and flavorful, the citrus notes reappear with blue clay mineral notes. Serve around 8-10°C.



The particular Palazzo di Varignana microclimate allows this Chardonnay, an international and versatile variety, to express the qualities that have made this grape world-famous. The density of the soils and the notable temperature changes between night and day enhance the aromatic potential of the grape, producing a rich smooth wine.

Grapes: Chardonnay from the western slope. Thin foliage with bunches exposed to the sun.
Soil: Yellow sand mix with rock fragments.
Vinification: Manual harvesting at full ripeness, cooling and subsequent destemming. Extraction of musts and static cold decanting. Initial fermentation in
temperature-controlled concrete vats and then in wood. Lees aging in winter and bottling in the spring after the harvest.
Tasting notes: Characterized by a bright yellow color. On the nose, it is captivating and opens with intense aromas of white flowers, pear and vanilla.
Subtle hints of candied fruit and minerals. Creamy on the palate, it is refined with a good balance between acidity, body and fresh fruit notes.

Sangiovese Superiore

The history of Palazzo di Varignana has its roots on the border between typical Emilian varieties and those of the Romagna region. This is where our Sangiovese comes from, a wine that captures the roots of the local terroir.

Grapes: Sangiovese from west-facing vines.
Soil: Calcareous sand mix.
Vinification: Manual harvesting in crates, cooling of the grapes, gentle destemming and maceration in concrete vats with red wine vinification. Aging in wood and concrete for one year.
Tasting notes: This Sangiovese has an intense ruby red color with violet hues. The nose reveals hints of cherry and small red and black fruits complemented by licorice notes. The wine is light, fresh and balanced on the palate, with vibrant tannins that reflect the true spirit of the Varignana terroir. The flavorful and persistent finish echoes the aromas on the nose. Serve around 18°C.

Pinot Nero

Pinot Nero, a silky smooth and bold expression of the Palazzo di Varignana terroir.

Grapes: Pinot Noir from west-facing vines.
Soil: Mix of blue clays and calcareous sands.
Vinification: Manual harvesting in crates, cooling of the grapes, gentle destemming and maceration before the cold fermentation stage. Temperature-
controlled fermentation in concrete vats. Aging in wood and concrete for one year.
Tasting notes: This Pinot Noir has an elegant ruby red color. The nose opens with scents of violet and small ripe dark-red fruits. Rose petals accompany the spicy, tobacco finish. The wine is full-bodied and velvety on the palate, juicy with clean, well-defined fruit; the perfect balance of components heightens the drinking pleasure and delicate persistence. Serve at 16-18°C.